Mar 29, 2021 13:49 UTC
  • Iran nearly doubles natural gas supply to power plants in 8 years

Recent statistics released by the Iranian government shows that the supply of natural gas through pipelines to power plants across the country has nearly doubled in eight years.

A Monday report by the official IRNA news agency showed that natural gas supply to power plants in Iran had increased to 65 billion cubic meters (bcm) per year in the calendar year to late March, a surge of 91 percent compared to the year to late March 2013.

The report said only two out of 85 Iranian power plants currently use liquid fuels to generate electricity, adding that 17 major power plants have been connected to the national pipeline network of natural gas since 2013.

Iran passed one of the coldest winters last year when increased household demand for natural gas forced authorities to substitute for other fuels in the power plants for a short period of time.

Energy Ministry data shows power plants consumed 6.3 percent more fuel on average over coldest winter days in early February while natural gas supply to the electricity generation sector increased by 25.5 percent at the same time.  

The IRNA report said power plants across Iran consumed a total of 80 bcm of fuels over the year to late March.

It said gas pipelines will reach two remaining power plants located in the far southeast on the coast of the Sea of Oman in the near future to ensure all thermal electricity stations in the country are fully connected to the natural gas network.

That would ensure lower emissions of harmful gasses into the air and would provide electricity stations with a stable supply of fuel, said the report.