Apr 19, 2021 04:56 UTC
  • Report: Russia, Iran, Syria working to secure oil, wheat shipments to Arab country

Iran, Russia and Syria have established an operations room to secure a safe and stable flow of oil supplies, wheat and some other essential materials to the Arab country via the Mediterranean, private sources have revealed to Sputnik Arabic.

The report said there had recently been intensive meetings among the representatives of the three countries to find ways to break the blockade imposed by the United States and Europe on Syria.

According to the sources, the joint mission is tasked with improving multi-sided coordination to secure the arrival of oil in the first place amid the biggest fuel crisis Syria has witnessed in decades.

They said based on an agreed-upon mechanism, Russian warships will escort Iranian oil tankers coming to Syria when they arrive in the Suez Canal and until they reach the Syrian territorial waters.

"The supply of oil will continue during the coming period through the collection of a number of Iranian ships and sending them to Syria in a single batch, provided that the Russian naval fleet in the Mediterranean would take over the safety of their access to the Syrian ports continuously until the end of this year," the sources said.

According to the Sputnik sources, the new mechanism has ensured safe access to the Syrian estuaries for four Iranian tankers transporting crude oil and natural gas and escorted by Russian warships over the recent days.

Syrian Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Bassam Tomeh said in March that the US and its allied Takfiri terrorist groups were plundering oil resources in the country. The minister said Washington controls 90 percent of crude reserves in oil-rich northeastern Syria.

“Americans and their allies are targeting the Syrian oil wealth and its tankers just like pirates,” Tomeh said.

The cost of direct and indirect damage to the Syrian oil sector, the minister said, stands at more than $92 billion.

The Sputnik sources said a number of ships were also scheduled to arrive in Syria in succession, carrying foodstuffs and some basic commodities to enter the pharmaceutical industries in particular.