Apr 22, 2021 16:04 UTC
  • President Rouhani: We will not hesitate to remove sanctions, reclaim people’s rights

President Hassan Rouhani said his administration will not hesitate to do anything in its power to realize the rights of the Iranian people through the removal of unjust sanctions imposed on the country by the United States.

“Anytime we see that we can reclaim the rights of the Iranian people, I, as president, would not lose a moment to do this. We do not care if some people are upset about this,” Rouhani said while addressing a Thursday ceremony held to inaugurate a number of agricultural projects across the country.

He denounced as “cruel” and “inhumane” the sanctions that were imposed by former US President Donald Trump on Tehran, saying the sanctions, which persist to this date, have impacted all sectors of the country.

“But some people are not familiar with this [fact]. They make up percentages and say 30 percent of the problems are due to the sanctions and 70 percent due to [mis]management,” he said.

Such estimates, the president continued, are completely wrong and misjudged “because they do not know in what areas the sanctions have [adverse] impacts and cause problems, and they do not know that the sanctions affect the entire production, agriculture and industry sectors.”

In his Thursday remarks, Rouhani further said his administration will not hesitate to act once it sees that the other side is ready to observe laws and regulations "no matter what the opponents say" or "whatever force they exert."

The Iranian chief executive also thanked the Foreign Ministry and other governmental bodies that have striven to “break the sanctions” through the ongoing negotiations in the Austrian capital.

The remarks came a day after Rouhani said Iran is seeking the “strict implementation” of the JCPOA, and “not a single word more or less.”

“The JCPOA must be implemented effectively,” Rouhani said on Wednesday. “We want the strict implementation of the JCPOA, not a single word more or less.”

Rouhani said that the revival of the nuclear pact must include three steps, the first of which is the removal of the sanctions by the United States.

“The second step is verification [by Iran], and we can announce [the result of] the verification in a short span of time,” he said.

The third step, the president continued, will be Iran’s complete resumption of its nuclear obligations which “we will execute thoroughly.”