May 06, 2021 16:20 UTC
  • Palestine yardstick for justice, Iran proudly stands with Palestinians: Zarif

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has described Palestine as a yardstick for justice, reiterating Iran's unwavering support for Palestinian people who "resist the brutality of an apartheid regime" in the Israeli occupied territories.

“Palestine is a yardstick for justice,” he wrote in a tweet on Thursday, adding, “#QudsDay is yearly reminder of moral imperative of global solidarity for Palestine.”

The FM also pointed out that a referendum in Palestine is the only democratic solution to the decades-long Israeli-Palestinian issue.

Zarif's comments came ahead of the World Quds Day, which is held annually on the last Friday of the blessed month of Ramadan to express solidarity with the Palestinian people and oppose the illegal Zionist entity.

‘World will soon witness liberation of al-Quds’

Meanwhile, Defense Ministry also issued a statement on Thursday, saying that the world will soon witness the liberation of al-Quds from the grips of the occupying Israeli regime.

“On World Quds Day, not only the Islamic Iran shows its unity and solidarity on the Palestinian issue as well as its support for the cause of the Holy Quds as the most important issue of the Islamic world, but also the entire Islamic world and other freedom- and justice-seeking nations raise the flag of resistance and fight against the Zionist regime,” it said.

The ministry denounced the US-led global arrogance for supporting the Israeli regime’s atrocities, occupation and warmongering acts, saying the United States has turned a blind eye to the international law and UN Security Council resolutions through its recognition of al-Quds as the capital of the child-killing regime.

This "unmasked the true inhumane face" of the United States and was "yet another stain on its record," the statement added.

The ministry also pointed that some regional countries overtly allied themselves with the Israeli regime under the US pressure.

This “is an unforgivable betrayal of the Palestinian cause and of freedom-seeking nations,” it said, adding, “But these treacherous moves will fail to cause the Palestinian cause and its liberation to sink into oblivion.”