Jun 16, 2021 10:44 UTC
  • Presidential candidate Mehr-Alizadeh quits election race

Mohsen Mehr-Alizadeh, one of the seven approved candidates for the upcoming presidential election in Iran has decided not to run in the race.

According to reports, the candidate quitted the race on Wednesday.

In a letter to the Interior Minister, he announced his decision to pull out of the race.

Mehr-Alizadeh, 64, is a former vice president and a one-time head of the Physical Education Organization of Iran with the experience of holding many governmental posts.

The presidential election will be held on Friday, June 18.

The number of eligible voters in the upcoming election stands at more than 59,310,000.

Authorities say Iranian expatriates can cast their ballots in the presidential election in more than 230 polling stations in foreign countries.