Jun 20, 2021 18:33 UTC
  • Top human rights council: Iranians want removal of illegal sanctions, punishment of their masterminds

Making a reference to the impact of the illegal US sanctions on Iran’s ability to contain the spread of the coronavirus, the Iranian Judiciary's High Council for Human Rights says Iranians want the removal of the illegal sanctions as well as the punishment of the masterminds behind them.

“Some 82,000 Iranians fell victim to coronavirus and now, 16 months after the spread of this sinister virus and the production of Iranian vaccines, the US issues exemptions for coronavirus-related transactions!” the council wrote in a tweet on Sunday.

It pointed out that the sanctions against Iran are illegal according to international law even during wartime, adding, “The removal of the illegal sanctions and the punishment of their agents is the demand of the Iranian nation.”

Iran has described the illegal sanctions as “economic terrorism” and “medical terrorism” for their deadly impact on ordinary people.

“Economic terrorism amid a Pandemic is a crime against humanity,” Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi wrote in a tweet on June 12.

As early as March 2020, when Iran was fighting its first COVID-19 wave, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif urged the international community to play its real role to stop the United States’ medical terrorism against Iran.

“The global community must come to its senses and help Iran in order to stop the economic, medical and drug terrorism [by the US],” Zarif wrote in an op-ed published by Russian business newspaper Kommersant on March 30, 2020.

So far, 82,965 people have lost their lives in Iran due to the coronavirus, with 111 deaths registered in the last 24 hours.