Jun 22, 2021 19:39 UTC
  • Dignity must be preserved, protected in foreign relations

President-elect Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi on Tuesday in the holy city of Mashhad said the dignity of the people must be preserved in the international arena, adding that he would serve the entire nation.

According to reports, he delivered a speech on a ceremony marking the auspicious birth of Prophet Mohammad’s (blessings of God upon him and his progeny) 8th Infallible Successor Imam Reza (AS).

At the beginning of his speech, Raeisi said serving people would be his priority and he would choose the most efficient officials for his cabinet and this would be in the best interests of the nation and the people.

He stressed that “just as people voted for a change in this election, there must be a positive change in the country.”

Raeisi added that this change should take place to guarantee the interest of the people and also to safeguard the values ​​of the Islamic Revolution.

He said people through their vote expressed their desire for formation of an efficient government.

The president-elect emphasized that the need for preserving the dignity of the people and observing economic justice, in all issues like domestic and educational issues.

He said that unhealthy administrative practices, corruption, oppression and any unjust behaviours are against human dignity.

“In Islamic system the government is people’s servant, not a haughty master and all state officials must consider themselves people’s servants”, Raeisi added.

On domestic and foreign policy and the method of interaction with other countries, our focus will be on maintaining the dignity and honour of Iran,” he said.

The president-elect further said that the dignity of the Iranian nation must be preserved and protected in foreign relations and it must be preserved in any future negotiations.

Raeisi added that the general vaccination of people would be his administration's priority.

A the end of his speech, the president-elect once again thanked everyone who participated in the elections despite the COVID-19 pandemic, especially those Iranians who went to the polls overseas despite being harassed by some anti-Iranian elements.

Raiesi said: I am the servant of both those who voted for me, and those who voted for other candidates, and also those who did not vote.

He also criticized some western governments that failed to secure the participation of Iranian expatriates in the elections.