Jul 05, 2021 13:02 UTC
  • Iranian Army self-sufficient in making military parachutes: Commander

An Iranian Army commander said the Ground Force’s Airborne Division has attained self-sufficiency in producing automatic parachutes.

According to Tasnim news agency quoting the Commander of the Ground Force Airborne Division’s 55th Brigade, the Iranian forces have become fully self-sufficient in manufacturing static line-deployed parachutes used by paratroopers and skydivers.

Colonel Jaber Abad Zardashti said the design and production of automatic parachutes, used by the Armed Forces for airborne operations and in skydiving, are carried out by the 55th Brigade forces from A to Z.

The homegrown automatic parachutes are comparable in quality with the best foreign products and even outdo many foreign parachutes in several aspects, he noted.

The Iranian Army Ground Force’s Airborne Division has mass-produced T-10 static line-deployed parachutes and has also begun to produce cubic-shaped T-11 parachutes, the commander added.

Iranian military experts and technicians have in recent years made great headways in manufacturing a broad range of indigenous equipment, making the Armed Forces self-sufficient in the arms sphere.