Jul 27, 2021 16:41 UTC
  • Iran arrests Mossad agents plotting urban riots, terror; huge cache of weapons seized

Intelligence Ministry has arrested a network of agents with the Zionist entity’s Mossad spy agency at the western borders, confiscating a large cache of weapons and ammunition that they were planning to use to provoke riots and terror inside the country.

According to Press TV, the ministry’s director-general for counterintelligence said on Tuesday that the Mossad agents had been arrested upon sneaking into Iran from the Western border posts on the back of an extensive surveillance and intelligence operation.

The intelligence official did not specify the location of the arrests or the number of those taken into custody.

The seized weapons include pistols, grenades, Winchester shotguns, Kalashnikov rifles and bullets, some of which are used to make protests descend into riots, said the official.

The Mossad operatives, the official said, were planning to use the arms to provoke urban riots and carry out assassinations.

“During the presidential election [in June], the Zionist regime had also planned to carry out acts of sabotage in different parts of the country on several occasions,” but to no avail, and the terrorist Mossad network was given a “knockout blow” in the region, according to the official.

Meanwhile, the head of the Department of Justice in the southern province of Fars said on Monday that Iranian security forces had disbanded a Takfiri terrorist group that sought to carry out simultaneous terrorist attacks in several provinces in cooperation with intelligence services of two European and regional countries.

Kazem Mousavi added that 11 members of the Takfiri terrorist group’s main nucleus were identified and arrested in Fars, while 25 others were detained in six eastern and western Iranian provinces in a joint operation by the Intelligence Ministry and security forces.

Late last month, Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) forces identified and dismantled three terrorist and counterrevolutionary teams in the country's northwestern provinces of West Azarbaijan and Kordestan a few days before the presidential election.