Aug 05, 2021 16:05 UTC
  • President Raeisi: Sanctions, pressures will not dissuade Iranians from pursuing their legal rights

President Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi said the US policy of imposing sanctions and mounting pressure on the Iranian nation will not deter the nation from pursuing its legal rights, including the right to development.

According to Press TV, in a Thursday speech while addressing the Parliament after taking the oath of office as Iran’s eighth president, he said, “The policy of pressure and sanctions will not deter the Iranian nation from pursuing its legal rights, including the right to development.”

“All sanctions on the Iran must be removed and we support any diplomatic initiative that pursues this goal,” Raeisi added.

The Iranian nation, he said, created an epic landmark through participation in the presidential election “at a time that we were dealing with the peak of the enemy’s mischief from unjust economic sanctions to extensive psychological war as well as the problems caused by the spread of the coronavirus.”

“Today, the nation expects us to fulfill our promise for establishing an administration [based on] dispensing justice and fighting corruption and discrimination.”

“We are true defenders of human rights and do not accept silence in the face of oppression, crime and the violation of the rights of innocent and defenseless human beings ... whether it is at the heart of Europe and America, or in Africa, Yemen, Syria and Palestine. We will stand by the oppressed, and inside the country, people and the youth of this land expect us to be the voice of the oppressed," the president said.

“The administration has arisen from the will of the nation to meet the interests of people and dispense justice; [therefore,] it will stand fast and will move in this direction tirelessly,” he added.

Raeisi said he would make utmost efforts to serve more than 80 million Iranians, noting, “An administration arising from people is an administration of national unity in which political factions as well as ethnic, religious and group-based demarcations have no place.

Strengthening cooperation among the three branches of the government, he highlighted, is crucial under the current sensitive circumstances "and no opportunity should be lost for serving people."

Saying that Iran’s power in the region is aimed at establishing security, the president said, “Iran’s regional capacities are at the service of peace and stability in countries and will be solely used to counter threats posed by hegemonic and oppressive powers.”

He also emphasized on the intra-regional dialogue to be based on people’s rights as the only solution to the current crises plaguing the region. 

"I extend the hand of friendship and brotherhood toward all countries in the region, especially our neighbors," the president said.

At the end of his speech, Raeisi said he would submit the list of his cabinet to the Parliament within the next few days.

According to Iran’s Constitution, the president will have a two-week deadline to introduce his cabinet members to the Parliament.

Parliament Speaker Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf said the qualifications of the proposed ministers would be reviewed with more speed and precision to help the new president form his administration as soon as possible.