Sep 05, 2021 06:20 UTC
  • Iran fuel shipment to break US financial, economic, political siege on Lebanon: Lawmaker

A member of the Lebanese parliament says the American financial, economic and political siege has started to break with the forthcoming arrival of the first Iranian ship loaded with fuel to Lebanon.

“As the Lebanese are preparing to receive Iranian fuel with the arrival of the first ship, the doors of the American blockade have begun to break, and options are opened for Lebanon to alleviate the impact of its crisis, after the American administration was forced to back down from its threats and maximum pressure in the face of the will of the Lebanese people,” Hassan Fadlallah said in a statement on Saturday.

He added that the US administration tried to use the siege to impose its will on Lebanon, before it came to realize  the negative and reverse impacts of its failed policies.

It did not take into account the facts pertaining to Lebanon until it suffered a new political defeat in the face of the declared policy that the Iranian ship is considered Lebanese territory, he added.

“The cargo of this ship will be a precise bullet that will break the financial, economic and political siege imposed on our people, especially as it will reach those who need it through a transparent and publicized mechanism in which there is no place for monopolists, smugglers, policy brokers and American investment associations, who traffic in people’s pain,” Fadlallah said.

Apart from providing Lebanon with its needed fuel, the official said, the shipment challenged US self-proclaimed right to decide on Lebanon’s official relations with Syria, and its prevention of Lebanon’s electricity and gas imports through Syria.      

“It is the veto that we have long demanded to challenge because submitting to it causes severe harm to Lebanon’s economy and national interests,” the lawmaker said.

Fadlallah added that Hezbollah’s humanitarian initiative is one of the many cards of strength that the resistance possesses to defend the rights of the Lebanese people to a decent life.

It also constituted an unexpected surprise for the US administration which revealed the hollow policy of intimidation with sanctions that does not work, he noted.