Sep 23, 2021 05:25 UTC
  • Fifth Iranian fuel shipment enters Lebanon

Lebanon’s media outlets have reported entrance into the United States-sanctioned country of a fifth shipment carrying Iranian fuel as announced earlier by the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah.

Reporting on Wednesday, the al-Mayadeen television network said the shipment was passing through the Syrian border into Lebanon carrying fuel residue.

According to Lebanese sources, the consignments were passing into Lebanon through the Hermel-al-Qasir border area.

The shipments have been reaching Lebanon in the face of the US’s sanctions targeting both the Islamic Republic and the country.

The sanctions have taken huge toll on the Lebanese economy, leading to acute shortage of staples, including gasoline and diesel.

Hezbollah has, however, vowed that the country would keep importing Iranian fuel, pledging not to allow Washington to further interfere with the Lebanese people’s livelihoods.

During his speeches, Hezbollah’s Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has identified the American Embassy in Beirut as the “operation room” devising sabotage plots against the country’s economy.

Announcing pending arrival of the third and fourth consignments on September 12, Nasrallah said some had hoped and speculated that the Israeli regime would intervene and target the shipments.