Sep 27, 2021 06:02 UTC
  • Iran prepared to battle locust in 80k hectares of farms

Iranian agricultural authorities say the battle against locust in the 2021/2022 farming season would cover up to 80,000 hectares of lands.

A senior official in Iran’s Plant Protection Organization (PPO) said on Sunday that the government had allocated sufficient funds and equipment for the campaign to protect farms in south of the country against locust invasion.

According to Press TV, Saied Moein said that PPO expects a mild locust invasion affecting farms in the region between early March and late April next year.

Moein said that the Iranian government’s general treasury department had started allocating funds needed for the battle against locusts since earlier this week.

The official said the government was ready to increase the funds in case locust invasion spread to a larger area of lands in southern Iran.

“We have purchased 70-80 new insecticide spraying machines and they are kept in warehouses,” said Moein.

Locust swarms are expected in farms in at least 10 provinces scattered in south, southeast and southwest Iran this farming season.

Iran spent five trillion rials ($20 million) to curb locust infestation in the farming season to September. However, the area covered by the campaign this season is expected to increase fourfold.

The campaign was much larger in 2018 and 2019 when Iran was forced to battle locusts in nearly one million hectares of lands.