Oct 07, 2021 06:51 UTC
  • Iran fully relying on home-grown vaccines against foot-and-mouth disease

Iran Veterinary Organization (IVO) says the country is no longer reliant on foreign suppliers for vaccines needed to tackle the foot-and-mouth disease.

According to Press TV, IVO Chief Alisafar Makanli said on Wednesday that domestic manufacturers of FMD vaccines had for a first time provided enough supplies of the jab for use in the country’s livestock sector.

“This (calendar) year 100% of the country’s demand for vaccine to battle the foot-and-mouth disease has been supplied through domestic production and we have reached self-sufficiency in this regard,” said Makanli.

The official said that Iranian vaccine developers are currently capable of supplying seed stocks as well as active ingredients needed for manufacturing FMD vaccines inside the country.

He said that local FMD vaccine brands were over 75% cheaper than their foreign rivals, adding that prices had become even more competitive in recent years.

Makanli said that Iran was preparing to launch exports of FMD vaccines, adding that nearly 22 million doses of the jabs were available for shipping to neighboring countries of Turkey, Pakistan and Azerbaijan.

Once an epicenter of the foot-and-mouth disease, Iran has managed to largely control the virus through extensive vaccination programs implemented in recent years.

Government figures show that 28 out of 31 Iranian provinces have eradicated the disease that can cause lameness and lesions in cattle and sheep.