Oct 25, 2021 08:43 UTC
  • Afghans willing to buy Iranian oil

Head of Afghanistan’s Chamber of Commerce and Investment (ACCI) expressed the Afghan traders’ willingness to purchase oil from Iran.

In a videoconference on Sunday, top officials from the ACCI, including its Chairman Tawakal Ahmadyar, held talks with Iran’s Commercial Attaché Ebrahim Hosseini to discuss ways to promote trade ties between the two neighbors and settle the problems faced by the Afghan importers of petroleum.

Ahmadyar said in the online meeting that the Afghan oil importers are keen to enter into big contracts to purchase petroleum from Iran and asked Hosseini to pave the way for the necessary coordination and facilities to that end.

The Afghan petroleum importers are facing a number of issues in their imports from Iran, the ACCI chief added, hoping for the settlement of those problems as soon as possible.

“It is imperative for both countries to strengthen economic relations and promote trade and Afghan petroleum importers are in dire need of being provided with the required facilities by the Iranian government,” ACCI’s Acting Chief Executive Officer Shafiqullah Atayee said.

For his part, the Iranian commercial attaché said, “The Iranian Embassy to Afghanistan has always tried to eliminate the existing challenges and provide traders with the required facilities.”

He also noted that the Iranian Embassy will try to pave the way for Afghan petroleum importers to enter into big contracts for purchasing petroleum from Iran, according to ACCI’s website.