Oct 25, 2021 15:21 UTC
  • EU must distance itself from US expansionist policies, decries US unilateralism: Iran's president

Iran’s President Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi has advised the European Union not to follow suit with the expansionist policies of the United States, noting that Washington’s unilateralism harms the entire world.

According to Press TV, President Raeisi made the remarks in a Monday meeting with the new Finnish Ambassador to Iran, Kari Kahiluoto, who presented his credentials to the Iranian president.

“We hope that the European Union and [other] European countries would move toward [achieving] strategic independence and distance themselves from the expansionist policies of the United States, because US unilateralism does not benefit the world,” Iran’s president said.

He urged Europe to remain committed to its obligations to Iran, expressing hope that Tehran and Helsinki would witness the expansion of ties during the new ambassador's mission and as the two countries approach the 90th anniversary of the establishment of their relations.

Kahiluoto, for his part, said Iran plays a key role in the region, adding that Finland is keen to cooperate with Tehran on regional issues, such as the ongoing developments in Afghanistan.

He noted that Finland had made good investments in Iran in the past and is now willing for the two countries to return to the same level of relations.