Nov 17, 2021 06:41 UTC
  • Active diplomacy adopted by Iranian administration: President

Iran's President Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi said his administration has turned the country’s passive diplomacy into an active one, highlighting plans for closer relations with neighbors on the basis of mutual respect.

According to Tasnim news agency, addressing a parliamentary meeting on Tuesday, President Raeisi said Iran’s diplomacy has changed from passive to active.

“Today, the country’s international interactions are being pursued with the priority given to diplomacy with neighbors on the basis of mutual respect and the principles of dignity, prudence and expediency,” he added.

The president said his administration is currently “more hopeful than ever” about the settlement of problems and untying the knots.

Pointing to the successful plans to increase the oil sales and raise the country’s income, President Raeisi said good breakthroughs have been made in the process of supplying financial and currency resources.

Moreover, the concerns about the supply and store of basic commodities have been greatly allayed, he noted.

In comments on Sunday, the governor of the Central Bank of Iran said the process of repatriation of foreign currency earned from the export of Iranian commodities has improved, resulting in relative stability in the currency market.

Days after taking office in August, President Raeisi emphasized the necessity for the removal of obstacles to the activities of Iranian exporters, saying plans must be formulated to eliminate the barriers and provide motivation for the enhancement of exports.