Nov 29, 2021 16:29 UTC
  • Palestinians praise Iranian delegation for walking out of IPU summit during Israeli speech

Palestinian resistance groups have hailed the Iranian delegation at the 143rd Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in Spain, after the diplomats walked out of the meeting in protest during a speech by a representative of the Israeli regime.

“Hamas highly appreciates the brave decision of the Iranian parliamentary delegation at the Inter-Parliamentary Union's meeting to leave the session as soon as Member of the Knesset Avi Dichter took the podium on Sunday to deliver a speech,” Ismail Radwan, a senior from the group, said in a statement on Monday.

According to Press TV, he added, “The position attests to the praiseworthy policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which offers unwavering support for the Palestinian cause, the rights of Palestinian people as well as their resistance campaign, and rejects all forms of normalization with the Zionist regime.”

The Islamic Jihad movement, for its part, described the Iranian move as a practical support for the Palestinian cause on the occasion of International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

The 143rd Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union kicked off in Madrid on November 26, and will wrap up on November 30.

Last month, an Israeli diplomatic delegation participating in a European conference of parliament speakers in Greece was forced to change its location at the event, after Algerian envoys strongly protested to the organizers against the order and refused to sit behind representatives of the Tel Aviv regime.