Dec 05, 2021 22:09 UTC
  • President Raeisi: Government vehemently pursues lifting of sanctions

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran said on Sunday night that the government is vehemently pursuing the lifting and neutralization of oppressive sanctions against the Iranian nation.

According to Iran Press, in a live televised interview with IRIB, Seyyed Ibrahim Raeisi referred to the presentation of two texts with two topics; "lifting of oppressive sanctions" and "nuclear issues" to the other side in the recent talks in Vienna, adding that today it has been proven to the world that Iran participates in the negotiations with authority and dignity.

He stated that the lifting and neutralization of oppressive sanctions is the priority of the Iranian government, and in this regard, the government has so far held more than 100 meetings and contacts with the leaders and officials of different countries.

In the interview, the president also referred to his recent visit to Tajikistan and said: "After this visit, the economic and trade relations between the two countries have tripled."

Referring to his presence at the SCO Summit and the ECO Summit, Raeisi noted that the two meetings were an opportunity for Tehran to provide a new context for expanding relations with its neighbors and countries in the region.

The president also announced the signing of several agreements with neighboring countries, adding that these agreements will be published in the media soon.