Dec 08, 2021 13:37 UTC
  •  UAE to build 300 MW power projects in Iran's Khuzestan

An Emirati company specializing in renewable energy has signed an initial agreement to install 300 megawatts (MW) of power capacity in Khuzestan province in southwest Iran, a report says.

Under an MoU signed between Managing Director of Khuzestan Regional Electric Co. Mahmoud Dasht-Bozorg and AJ Holding CEO Allan Jespersen, the Dubai-based company has undertaken to build gas-fired thermal, solar and wind power plants in the hydrocarbon-rich province.

"The memorandum states that the maximum capacity of the power plants to be built at any point should not exceed 25 MW," Bargh News, a news outlet dedicated to Iran's electric power industry, reported.  

It requires the UAE company to execute the project in the "shortest possible time", where some of the plants should join the grid before the summer, it added.

According to Bargh News, Khuzestan Regional Electric Co. has already signed an agreement with a private Iranian company to establish 150 MW of capacity in the province.

On Wednesday, the news outlet cited Managing Director of Sistan and Baluchestan Regional Electric Co. as saying that Iran's largest solar plant is being built in the southeastern province.

The 25 MW plant will be built on a 50-hectare plot of land with $20 million of investment in Dalgan which has more than 300 days of sunshine in a year, he said.

Its construction will begin within the next month and become operational after six months, he added.

"Currently, the largest renewable power plant in Iran has a production capacity of 10 MW, and Dalgan power plant with a production capacity of 25 MW will become the largest solar power plant in the country."

Iran has about 900 MW of installed renewable capacity, of which 310 MW is wind and 390 MW solar.