Dec 24, 2021 17:56 UTC
  • President Raeisi offers Christmas greetings to Pope, Christians

President Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi has penned a letter congratulating Pope Francis on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Prophet Jesus (AS) and the Gregorian New Year.

According to Press TV, in his Friday message, the president expressed “cordial congratulations” to the head of the Roman Catholic Church and all the Christians across the world on the jubilant birth anniversary of Jesus Christ, the Prophet of peace and kindness and the beginning of New Year.

He said Prophet Jesus (PBUH) birth is the "manifestation of God’s will and power” and added that the spiritual status of Hazrat Maryam (Virgin Mary – Peace be upon Her), the Prophet’s mother, shows the lofty position of women in divine religions.

Raeisi added that the Prophet’s birth is an opportunity to pay tribute to Hazrat Maryam and a reminder of the moral characteristics of Prophet Jesus (PBUH), who is a role model of altruism and the herald of salvation for the oppressed, in standing against the arrogant powers’ oppression and signaling a bright future for humanity.

The president also thanked Pope Francis for his efforts to bring closer the hearts and views of followers of Abrahamic religions.

He also prayed that God bestow "health and success" to Pope Francis and "happiness and blessing" to all human beings.

On December 25, billions of Christians across the world commemorate the birth anniversary of Prophet Jesus (AS), days ahead of the New Year on January 1, which marks the start of the Gregorian calendar.