Jan 24, 2022 05:34 UTC
  • Iran, Russia and China hold joint military drills

Iran, Russia and China began joint military drills in the north of the Indian Ocean on Friday. Dubbed the 2022 Marine security belt, the drills are the third set to have been carried out by the three countries.

According to Press TV, the drills cover 17,000 square kilometers of ocean, with vessels and equipment from both the Army and the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps partaking.

A variety of tactical exercises such as rescuing burning vessels, liberating hijacked vessels, shooting at specific targets, shooting at airborne targets at night, and other tactical operational exercises were carried out during the drills.

Strengthening the security of the international maritime trade, combating piracy and maritime terrorism, exchanging intelligence in the field of maritime rescue missions and exchanging operational and tactical experience, were among the objectives of the 2022 Marine Security Belt exercise.

Iran says its presence in the international coalitions evinces the improvement of the Islamic Republic of Iran's standing in the world. An Iranian spokesman for the joint drills explained that Iran attaches great importance to the establishment of security at both regional and international levels.

The trilateral exercises come as Iran is taking steps to balance its foreign policy. While talks on the revival of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, JCPOA, and the removal of US sanctions against Iran are underway in the Austrian capital, Vienna, Tehran is expanding its ties with its two key allies, Russia and China.