May 24, 2022 18:50 UTC
  •  Iran to decisively punish terrorists behind murder of IRGC member: Judiciary spox

The spokesman for Iran’s Judiciary says the country will decisively take revenge on those terrorists who assassinated a member of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) in Tehran, stressing that the Islamic Republic will never retreat from its ideals.

“Once again, the sworn enemies of Iran’s Islamic establishment have revealed their evil nature, Massoud Setayeshi told reporters on Tuesday, stressing that the Islamic Republic will punish the terrorists behind the assassination with “determination” and “accuracy.”

He, however, added that it is necessary to adopt measures to prevent a recurrence of such bitter incidents in the future.

Addressing the “fake” defenders of human rights, he said, “I have a message for these people and all those who claim to be fighting terrorism, and that is the perpetrators will be punished.”

He said the Islamic Republic had suffered from such crimes for four decades, adding, “The inwardly blind make attempts to block the movement of the [Iranian] establishment and people forward, but they should know that we will not surrender.”

The attack on Colonel Hassan Sayyad Khodaei, which claimed his life, happened in Tehran at around 4 p.m. local time (1130 GMT) on Sunday when two motorcyclists shot him five times while he was in his car, and fled the scene.

In a statement issued soon after the assassination, the IRGC said the assassination was carried out by “counterrevolutionary elements,” adding that necessary measures have been taken to identify and arrest the assailant or assailants.

A funeral procession was held in Tehran on Tuesday to pay tribute to the former IRGC member in the presence of a crowd of people along with state and military officials.

Jalali’s death sentence to be carried out in due time

Elsewhere in his remarks, Setayeshi ruled out any prisoner exchange in the cases of Ahmad Reza Jalali and Hamid Nouri, two individuals imprisoned in Iran and Sweden respectively, saying an investigation into Jalali’s charges has been completed and the death sentence handed down to him would be carried out in due time.

He said although Jalali is kept in solitary confinement, his condition meets all human rights principles, contrary to the case of Nouri, whose health has been deteriorating behind bars.

Nouri’s imprisonment was politically motivated and took place under the influence of the anti-Iran terrorist group Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization (MKO), he said.

The spokesman said Nouri had been denied the right to access a lawyer and had not been able to contact his family for the past 20 days.