Jun 23, 2022 10:15 UTC
  •  Iran court orders US to pay $4.3bn in fines over murder of nuclear scientists

An Iranian court has found the US administration and dozens of American institutions and officials guilty of supporting the Israeli regime’s targeted assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists, ordering Washington to pay $4.3 billion in compensation.

Families of three martyred nuclear scientists, along with a wounded nuclear scientist and wives of three nuclear scientists who sustained injuries themselves in terror attacks on their husbands had filed a lawsuit with a Tehran court against the US government, institutions and authorities that were in office at the time of Israeli terror acts.

The crimes in question inflicted physical, psychological and financial damages on the families of the victims.

The US was ordered by the court to pay $4.3 billion in total compensation, including fines.

The lawsuit, the court said, was aimed at countering violations of international obligations and instances of hostile behavior on the international stage through supporting Israel’s acts of terrorism.

Those convicted are 37 American natural and legal persons, including former presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, former Iran envoy Brian Hook and former Defense Secretary Ashton Carter.

The verdict cited evidence of Israeli involvement in the assassinations and the US financial and military support for the regime, saying Washington have had an “effective” role in establishing and supporting Israel as a terrorist regime.

The US Congress has also passed several laws in support of Israel, it added.