Jun 30, 2022 20:01 UTC
  •  FM spokesman denounces 'biased, baseless' anti-Iran accusations raised at Manama meeting

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kan'ani has denounced the recent joint statement by Bahraini and Egyptian authorities about the nuclear and defense doctrines of the Islamic Republic, saying Tehran’s defense and missile capabilities never pose a threat to neighboring states.

Kan'ani dismissed the anti-Iran allegations as "baseless, biased and unconstructive," stressing that they were made in the pursuit of certain objectives and motives.

He called on Manama and Cairo to acquire a true understanding of regional equations, and take note of the role that the Islamic Republic of Iran plays as to establishment and promotion of stability across the Middle East. 

The spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry went on to criticize the two Arab countries’ stubborn insistence on following the wrong path of Iranophobia, stating that such an approach is far away from wisdom and serves the interests of the Israeli regime in the region.

“Safeguarding and protecting nuclear achievements is an inalienable right of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Kan'ani said, emphasizing that Tehran’s defense and missile capabilities are promoted "based on the country's strategic policies, fall within the framework of its defense doctrine and by no means constitute a threat to neighboring states."

The Iranian diplomat further highlighted that the Islamic Republic is willing to maintain and expand relations with its neighbors as well as Arab and Muslim countries, stressing that the incumbent administration has devoted considerable efforts to that goal.