Jul 10, 2022 05:21 UTC
  • Iran: Increased US presence only foments insecurity in West Asia region, spreads terrorism

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman says increased presence of the United States in the West Asia region will only foment insecurity in the region and help further spread terrorist activities.

According to Press TV, Nasser Kan’ani made the remarks late Saturday while reacting to a plan by the US and Israel to build a security alliance with some regional Arab states that would connect their air defense systems to allegedly fight off what they call threat from Iran.

“Any measure to pave the way for the increased presence and role of the United States in regional security mechanism will have no other outcome but insecurity, instability, and spread of terrorism across the region,” the Iranian spokesman said.

He added that the plan to establish a so-called joint air defense system was provocative and “the Islamic Republic of Iran considers it a threat to its own national security as well as the regional security.”

"The US comes up with such ideas without having a correct understanding of the region’s realities, and only with the purpose of fueling Iranophobia and creating division among the regional countries," said the official.

”This shows that the only thing that matters to America is realizing its own illegitimate interests and giving artificial identity to the Zionist regime in the region,” he added.

Efforts that lead to new security concerns in the region will have no result other than undermining the collective regional security and meeting the Zionist regime’s interests, Kan’ani said, adding, “It is not possible to provide the Zionist regime with a security margin through deception and propagation of Iranophobia.”

Participation of foreigners in any regional process will not only fail to contribute to security and stability of the region, but will also serve as the main source of tension and regional divisions, noted the official.

The spokesman cited the example of two-decades-long presence of the US in Iraq and Afghanistan, which failed to bring along security for the occupied countries.

“Experience has proven that accumulation of weapons cannot bring security, and establishment of collective regional security hinges on collective cooperation among regional countries. Preservation and durability of such security also requires promotion of intra-regional understanding and Iran has shown its seriousness and determination in this regard by remaining loyal to good neighborly policy,” Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

"Iran has always highlighted regional dialogue, cooperation and collaboration [as prerequisites] for providing security and realizing common interests of regional countries without intervention of foreigners," he added.