Jul 28, 2022 14:53 UTC
  • Iran signs deals to increase citrus, honey exports to China

Iran will start exports of citrus fruits and honey to China under new agreements reached between the two countries.

The two deals were signed virtually on Thursday between Iran’s agriculture minister Seyyed Javad Sadatinejad and China’s customs chief Yu Jianhua.

Sadatinejad told the IRIB News that a first agreement would allow Iranian farmers and exporters to access the $600-million citrus fruit market of China, adding that Iranian honey producers will have the the opportunity to compete in China’s vast and profitable honey market under the second agreement signed with Beijing authorities.

The minister said the two deals would outline the hygiene and safety protocols required for exports of citrus fruits and honey from Iran to China.

Government figures show Iran’s annual production of citrus fruits is around 5.5 million metric tons (mt) while annual honey output in the country stands at around 130,000 mt.

That comes as agrfood shipments only account for around 15% of Iran’s annual exports to China, according to the Iranian customs office figures.

Sadatinejad said farming exports to China are expected to jump in the year to March with the signing of the two new agreements.