Aug 04, 2022 08:35 UTC
  • US must give assurances Iran will fully enjoy JCPOA economic benefits: UN ambassador

Tehran’s ambassador to the United Nations says the main obstacle to the revival of the 2015 Iran deal is Washington’s failure to give assurances that the Islamic Republic will fully enjoy the economic benefits of the accord.

Speaking at the 10th nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference in New York on Wednesday, Majid Takht-Ravanchi said Tehran had acted responsibly and with strategic patience as well as maximum resistance during the course of negotiations to revive the pact, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

He said Iran had been negotiating in goodwill with the five remaining parties to the JCPOA – Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China – in order to ensure the full implementation of the deal.

Takht-Ravanchi added that the onus was now on the United States to give assurances that Iran will enjoy the economic benefits promised in the agreement.

Iran will roll back its remedial nuclear measures and fully honor its nuclear-related measures in accordance with the 2015 agreement once the US makes the right decision, he pointed out.

NPT and spread of nuclear weapons

Elsewhere in his remarks, Takht-Ravanchi said more than half a century after NPT entered into force in 1970, there were still thousands of nuclear weapons deployed and stockpiled, and hundreds of billions of dollars were spent to replace and upgrade nuclear arsenals.

“For instance, the United States has recently increased the role and number of its nuclear weapons; and this modernization costs around $1.2 trillion. The United Kingdom has announced its intention to develop and build 80 new nuclear warheads. France is spending billions of euros to gradually augment and upgrade its nuclear weapons and their launch platforms,” the Iranian diplomat said.

He underscored that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) should carry out its professional duties free from interference by third parties, particularly the intelligence services that provide unsubstantiated allegations.

Israel’s nuclear arsenal

Takht-Ravanchi emphasized that non-proliferation provisions should be applied globally and without exception.

“Unfortunately, as a result of the application of double standards in enforcing non-proliferation provisions, the Zionist regime’s nuclear weapons, developed with the support and assistance of the US, continue to pose a serious threat to the security of Middle Eastern member states of the treaty,” he said.

Iran’s UN envoy stated that Israel, since its inception in 1948, has committed all international core crimes, namely aggression against all its neighbors, war crimes, crimes against humanity and occupation of the territories of several neighboring countries.

He called on NPT member states to adopt appropriate deterrent measures against the law-breaking Tel Aviv regime.

“If this regime commits such foolish aggression, it will pay a heavy price. Furthermore, the supreme interests of our country, as a state party to the Treaty, will be jeopardized,” Takht-Ravanchi underlined.

Israel’s refusal to join NPT threatens international peace: Syrian UN ambassador

Meanwhile, Syria's Permanent Representative to the United Nations Bassam Sabbagh said Israel’s nuclear facilities pose a major threat to regional and international security and must be subjected to comprehensive inspections.

Sabbagh said Israel refuses to join the NPT due to unbridled support of the United States and its Western allies.