Aug 07, 2022 15:09 UTC
  • IRGC: Israeli crimes in Gaza speed up collapse of usurping, occupying regime

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says the latest bout of Israeli crimes against the oppressed people of Palestine in the besieged Gaza Strip will speed up the final collapse of the occupying regime.

According to Press TV, the IRGC made the remarks in a Sunday statement in reference to the ongoing Israeli onslaught on the coastal enclave, which started on Friday and has so far claimed the lives of over 30 Palestinians, including children, leaving more than 200 others injured.

“The new crime committed by the Zionist regime against the oppressed Palestinian nation and the savage attack on Gaza is the outcome of a miscalculation by Zionists and will add further fuel to the flames of the Islamic resistance, speeding up the collapse of the occupying regime,” it said.

The IRGC added, “The new crime committed by the fake, racist and child-killing Zionist regime in attacking the Gaza Strip, which started on Friday with ... the assassination of the Islamic resistance’s commanders through the backing of the United States and other governments that are against humanity, has once again revealed the criminal and aggressive nature of the Zionists and their regional and trans-regional supporters.”

The IRGC said Israel’s latest attacks were the result of a “miscalculation” and a move to test the resistance front’s ability to respond to the regime’s acts of aggression.

It emphasized that the Israeli regime and its supporters would undoubtedly regret committing this “big crime,” which has led to martyrdom and injury of “scores of Muslim, oppressed and defenseless people of Palestine in the month of Muharram.”

The IRGC said the continuation of the Zionist regime’s crimes against the Palestinian people is a result of certain Arab states’ submission to the global hegemonic system’s demand for normalizing relations with the occupying regime.

“The path of compromise and normalization of some Arab countries’ relations with the fake and murdering Zionist regime will not only fail to guarantee the security of the Zionists, but will also improve the capacities of Islamic and anti-Zionist resistance [movements] among Muslim nations,” it said.

The statement urged international human rights organizations, forums and institutions to end their silence and inaction in the face of the Zionists’ crimes and take measures to restore the Palestinian people’s rights and punish the occupiers in order to clean up their role in these “undeniable crimes, which are a disgrace to the human society.”