Aug 18, 2022 12:53 UTC
  •  Final result of Vienna talks hinges on US reaction to Iran proposals: Russia

Russia’s top negotiator voices optimism over the progress recently made in the Vienna talks on a potential restoration of the 2015 Iran deal, saying a final result depends on how the US will react to Tehran’s latest proposals aimed at facilitating the conclusion of the diplomatic process.

Mikhail Ulyanov, who is also Russia’s ambassador to international organizations in the Austrian capital, made the remark in a post on his Twitter account on Wednesday, in reaction to a report by the US-based New York Times a day earlier, which said European officials were increasingly optimistic about the prospects for a revival of the agreement.

“There have been reasons for optimism before, but on previous occasions expectations were not met,” he said. “This time more than ever we have a great chance to cross the finish line at the Vienna talks.”

The Russian diplomat added, “The final result depends on how the US reacts to the last Iranian reasonable suggestions.”

Ulyanov further said the reason why such a deal seemed more likely than ever was because “the latest (and most recent) Iranian draft proposals are not controversial.”

“I have no reasons to believe that they can be unacceptable for the US,” he said. “But let’s see and keep our fingers crossed.”

Late on Monday, Iran said it had provided the European Union’s coordinator in the JCPOA talks with its final conclusion related the bloc’s proposals for revival of the deal, emphasizing that it was now the US’s turn to show realism and flexibility if it really wanted a final agreement to be reached.

The EU confirmed that it had received Iran’s response, saying the bloc was studying the reply with the parties to the deal and the United States.