Aug 19, 2022 15:14 UTC
  • Commander: Cooperation with Zionist entity threatens, disrupts Persian Gulf security

The commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Navy says any cooperation with the Israeli regime poses a threat to and disrupts security in the Persian Gulf region.

According to Press TV, addressing a meeting with IRGC commanders and officials on Friday, Rear Admiral Alireza Tangsiri underscored the importance of security in Iran and the neighboring countries, warning against allowing Israel and its Western allies to gain a foothold in the region.

“We warn any country that prepares the ground for intervention and presence of arrogant powers in the region and gives them a base, space and soil to form a military coalition against regional nations that firstly, they will pay the heaviest price for their unfriendly and provocative behavior and secondly, the stable and secure situation of the region will pay a price for that,” the IRGC commander stated.

He added that Iran has cordial relations with the neighboring countries in the Persian Gulf region based on the principle of Islamic unity and noted that the Islamic Republic aims to improve sustainable security among all the countries in the region.

Tangsiri said presence of the “child-killing Zionist regime” anywhere has always brought nothing but plundering, sedition, looting and aggression. 

He added that protecting the Iranian nation's dignity and the country's territorial integrity and independence is the red line of the IRGC Navy, emphasizing, “We are very sensitive to any enemy’s threat and sedition and we do not hesitate for a moment to respond decisively [to the enemies] that will make them regret.”

Tangsiri hailed high combat capabilities of the IRGC naval forces, saying they are ready to carry out any mission aimed at safeguarding and protecting Iran's interests and nations.

The senior IRGC commander's remarks came after Turkey and the illegal Zionist entity on Wednesday announced that they have decided to fully restore diplomatic ties and reappoint ambassadors, marking the culmination of hectic efforts by the two sides to repair bilateral ties following years of tensions.

Tangsiri warned in July that any presence of the Israeli regime in the Persian Gulf region will only fuel insecurity, asserting that regional countries are able to maintain security.

“We believe that the Zionist regime gaining a foothold in the Persian Gulf region will have no result other than sowing sedition and creating insecurity,” he said.