Sep 21, 2022 13:40 UTC
  •  Iranian victims of MKO terror urge President Raeisi to 'be our voice'

The survivors of thousands of Iranian victims of terrorism, especially the acts of terror waged by the anti-Iran terrorist cult of Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization (MKO), urge the Islamic Republic's president to relay their message to the world.

The families made the demand in a letter addressed to President Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi on Wednesday, the day the chief executive is expected to take the floor during the 77th annual meeting of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

"We seize the opportunity to request Your Excellency to be the voice of the large family of the country’s terror victims to the world," the letter stated.

They condemned the MKO for causing the largest part of the 17,000-plus-strong fatalities that have been resulted since the victory of Islamic Revolution by acts of terror staged by various terrorist groups.

The letter denounced the MKO for its acts of "blind killings, border attacks, kidnapping and torture."

It noted how the group, which had become "disappointed in achieving their goals" following Iran's Revolution, went to the United States and some other Western countries "to continue planning to overthrow the country's (Iran’s) political system and targeting authorities and citizens."

"What bothers our people and victims and survivors of terrorist attacks is that the perpetrators of these operations are fully supported by the United States and some European countries, instead of being punished," the survivors wrote.

'Western double standards favoring MKO'

"Such acts indicate nothing but division of terrorism into good and bad and also double standards of the West regarding dealing with terrorism," the families said.

The very Western countries, which were allowing the group to "operate freely" on their soils, lay claim to be fighting terrorism at the same time, they lamented.

The letter urged President Raeisi "to seriously assert the rights of the families of the terror victims through international organizations and institutions for prosecution, extradition, and trial of leaders of the MKO terrorist group."