Sep 25, 2022 06:13 UTC
  • 12 bank branches completely destroyed during recent riots in Iran

A senior Iranian banking official says a dozen bank branches were fully destroyed during the riots that began in the country earlier this week over the death of Mahsa Amini, a young Iranian woman who lost her life days after she was taken into a police station in the capital Tehran.

According to Press TV, Alireza Gheytasi, who leads Iran’s Government Banks Coordination Council, said on Saturday that 11 other bank branches in Iran had been partially destroyed while two bank branches had seen their properties stolen.

Gheytasi said properties of a total number of 240 banks across Iran had been affected by the riots.

He said rioters had destroyed security cameras in 134 bank branches, adding that some 219 automated teller machine (ATMs) had been damaged during the unrest.

There is no official information about damage inflicted on private banks during the recent riots in Iran.

Iranian authorities have blamed rioters for extensive damage on public and private properties, including on police and emergency vehicles.

They say rioters have capitalized on public anger about the death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old woman, who died in hospital last week after being briefly detained by police forces in Tehran.

Statements from officials in various Iranian provinces suggest damage inflicted on public properties have amounted to more than a trillion rials (over $3 million) in recent days.