Sep 27, 2022 12:21 UTC
  •  IRGC will not hesitate to target origin of any anti-Iran operation wherever it may be: General

A senior commander of Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has warned that the elite force will target the origin of any operation against the country wherever it may be.

According to reports, Brigadier General Abbas Nilforooshan, the IRGC’s Deputy Chief for operations, made the remarks in an interview with Iran’s Arabic-language television news network Al-Alam TV on Monday evening, after the IRGC pounded positions of terrorists in Iraq’s Kurdistan region.

“We will target the counter-revolution [agents] wherever they create a stronghold, become the origin of operations against the Islamic Republic of Iran, and direct and lead terrorist movements,” Nilforooshan said.

He said Iran would never allow the emergence of any threat near its borders, adding that the recent artillery and drone attacks on Iraq’s Kurdistan region were carried out as part of the same strategic approach.

According to the general, those bases played the biggest role in the recent riots in Iran, which came after the death of a young Iranian woman, Mahsa Amini, after she was taken into a police station.

Nilforooshan added that the IRGC attacks were a “legitimate defense” and that Iran had previously declared that it would respond to such threats decisively.

‘Enemy seeks to wage hybrid war beginning with soft war’


The IRGC commander pointed to global arrogance’s failed wars in West Asia and across the world over the past four decades and warned of the enemy’s plot to wage a hybrid war in the region which begins with a soft war.

The enemy plans to use cognitive and perceptual tools, including media, the internet and hundreds of satellite networks, in this new hybrid war against all the countries in the region, he said.

IRGC exhibits only parts of its capabilities: Nilforooshan

Nilforooshan said the IRGC has managed to make good progress in the field of naval drones which are only parts of the IRGC Navy’s advancement displayed in the past year.

He added that the IRGC seeks to improve its power every day, saying, “The creation of power means the development and increase of what we have in our hands and we are looking for access to modern products in accordance with new technologies.”

Iran identifies perpetrators behind riots: General

Referring to the recent riots across Iran, the IRGC commander said all those who played an effective role in igniting insecurity, inciting people and damaging people’s property have been identified.

The instigators of these riots, both outside and inside the country, would pay the price, Nilforooshan said, lauding people’s role in putting an end to the unrest.