Sep 29, 2022 13:23 UTC
  • Emergence of terrorist groups poses serious threat to Afghanistan, entire region: Iran's envoy

An Iranian envoy to the United Nations warns that terrorism and the emergence of terrorist groups pose a "serious threat" to Afghanistan, its neighbors, the region, and the entire international community.

According to Press TV, Addressing a UN Security Council meeting on the situation in Afghanistan, Iran's Deputy Permanent Representative to the UN, Zahra Ershadi, expressed concern over the reports on the resurgence of Daesh-affiliated terrorist groups in Afghanistan.

"The de-facto authorities must commit to fighting terrorism and ensure to take all appropriate steps to protect diplomatic and consular premises against any intrusion or damage and prevent attacks on diplomatic premises, agents, and consular officers," she said.

"Afghanistan must no longer serve as a haven for terrorist groups like Daesh and al-Qaeda," she added.

The Iranian diplomat urged the de-facto Afghan authorities to fulfill their international obligations as a member of the international community and to establish an "inclusive and representative" government that accurately reflects the country's multi-ethnic society.

"Only a government comprised of all Afghans can guarantee and protect their rights," Ershadi said.

Elsewhere in her remarks, the envoy stressed the importance of fighting drug trafficking, saying that Iran is directly affected by this menace and pays a high price for it.

"Over the past 40 years, Iran has played an active role in combating drug trafficking in the region, in which, nearly 4,000 members of Iran’s law enforcement forces have been martyred and over 12,000 others have been injured," Ershadi added.

She also noted that Iran has used its capacities and resources to help the Afghan people overcome their challenges and said the Islamic Republic has been hosting millions of refugees who have unfortunately received minimal international assistance in the last 40 years.

After the Taliban takeover, Iran never closed its border with Afghanistan and thousands of Afghans have entered Iran on a daily basis since last year, she added.

"However, neighbors of Afghanistan, including Iran, should not feel all the burdens associated with receiving Afghan refugees. Other countries should welcome refugees as well," Ersahdi pointed out.