Oct 05, 2022 05:32 UTC
  • Iran rejects Morocco's accusation of 'interfering' in Arab countries' affairs

Iran has strongly rejected an accusation leveled against the Islamic Republic by Morocco of interfering in the regional Arab countries' internal affairs.

According to Press TV, the Foreign Ministry's Spokesman Nasser Kan'ani denounced the accusation on Tuesday as "vain and repetitive."

Speaking earlier, Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita claimed that Iran had been meddling in the domestic affairs of those countries, including Morocco and Yemen.

Bourita had also alleged that the Islamic Republic had provided "drones" to the pro-independence Polisario Front movement, which has been fighting to end Morocco's 1970s-present annexation of the Western Sahara region.

Kan'ani advised the Moroccan official to allow the Western Saharan people to exercise their right to self-determination based on the United Nations' laws and regulations, instead of seeking assistance from the Israeli regime to "impose its demands upon the region."

The spokesman was referring to Rabat's normalization last year of its relations with Tel Aviv under the United States-facilitated so-called Abraham Accords.

"Instead of [engaging in] blame game and coming up with unfounded allegations against the Islamic Republic, Morocco had better worry about the insecurity that has come to threaten the regional countries and nations as a result of Rabat's normalization of its ties with the apartheid Zionist regime," the Iranian official said.

Kan'ani also urged Bourita to spend his time trying to resolve the problems and suffering that have been affecting Yemen, Morocco's fellow regional country.