Nov 20, 2022 13:22 UTC

Iranian media outlets have released video footage, showing heavily-armed foreign-backed terrorists firing indiscriminate shots at a major crossroads in the southwestern city of Izeh, as security forces are calling on ordinary people to stay away from the scene to save their lives.

The video shows the security forces calling for the supply of Kalashnikov assault rifles and bullets and saying they have only some plastic bullets, as heavy gunfire is heard in the background.

In one part of the video, a person is heard ordering the others to go inside the city’s Mosalla (permanent payers ground) to take cover as bullets rain.

Seven people were martyred and several others injured after terrorists opened fire at people and security forces at a crowded market around the sunset on Wednesday in Izeh.

The victims were identified as Reza Shariati, 25 years old, Kian Pir Falak, 9 years old, Ashraf Nikbakht, 45 years old, Abtin Rahmani, 13 years old, Ali Moulai, and two other unidentified people.

Head of Khuzestan’s court of justice Ali Dehqani said that the three major elements of the terrorist attack have been detained.

Dehqani said efforts are being made to identify and arrest the other elements involved in the heinous crime.

The terrorist act comes only three weeks after 15 pilgrims, including a woman and two children, were martyred and 19 others wounded in a terrorist attack on Shah Cheragh holy shrine in the city of Shiraz in Fars province.

The Daesh Takfiri terrorist group immediately claimed responsibility for that terrorist attack.

Iranian officials have pledged that Tehran will deliver a crushing response to the masterminds of the bloodshed.