Jun 14, 2018 15:02 UTC
  • President slams US ‘unilateralism’ in talks with Malaysian PM

President has once again denounced the US for choosing to leave the 2015 multilateral nuclear deal, saying Washington’s unilateral policies run contrary to international law.

“The US unilateralism and imposition of its own domestic rules [on states] beyond its borders are against international regulations and freedom of nations,” said President Hassan Rouhani in a phone conversation on Thursday with Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, Press TV reported.

Rouhani said Washington’s unilateral withdrawal last month from the 2015 nuclear accord was at odds with international regulations, stressing, however, that Tehran seeks to continue cooperation with other sides to help keep the agreement alive.

Elsewhere in his comments, Rouhani called for joint efforts by Iran and Malaysia to fight terrorism and promote global peace.

The Malaysian premier, in turn, said his country pursues cooperation and friendship with all world nations, particularly Iran.

He also praised the Islamic Republic’s policy of interaction with the world, emphasizing that unilateralism undermines trust and cooperation among world states.