Oct 06, 2019 08:36 UTC

In a big rally and under a sea of black flags, Palestinians from all walks of life came out to take part in the Islamic Jihad’s 32nd anniversary celebration.

According to Press TV, the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine refuses to recognize the Israeli regime and is against the so-called two state solution demanding the liberation of the entire historic land of Palestine.

Addressing the masses through satellite link; Islamic Jihad’s Secretary General Zeyad al-Nakhaleh called on all Palestinians to adhere to armed resistance as the only way to liberate Palestine.

The Islamic Jihad was founded by the late Dr. Fathi Shaqaqi who was inspired by Iran’s Islamic Revolution and the teachings of the late founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran Imam Khomeini (God’s mercy upon him).

In an exclusive interview with Press TV a top Hamas official insisted on continuing the fight against the Israeli regime along with the Islamic Jihad.

The Islamic Jihad movement is highly respected by all Palestinian factions and has always been a uniting factor among them.

The Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine and its powerful military wing the Quds Brigades believe armed resistance is the only way to liberate Palestine and al-Quds.