Dec 01, 2019 08:23 UTC
  • Thousands in Tel Aviv rally to demand Netanyahu's resignation

Thousands of Israeli protesters have held demonstrations in Tel Aviv to demand Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's resignation over his corruption charges.

According to Press TV, Israel’s Channel 12 estimated at least 6,000 people were at the gathering in the Habima Square of Tel Aviv.

Netanyahu is “the most cowardly prime minister we’ve ever had," a demonstrator told Yedioth Ahronoth (Ynet), adding that the premier "needs to resign and go plead his case in court."

Israel is "sick of the corruption", another protester said. "We need to send Bibi home," she said.

A same rally had been held last Saturday in Tel Aviv, where hundreds of demonstrators urged Netanyahu to leave office.

Protesters chanted “Bibi go home,” and waved signs reading: “Netanyahu, let go already,” “Netanyahu, you should quit,” and “The corrupt should go home.” 

“What you see here is absurd. We have a man who is charged with three major crimes. And he still believes he wants to be [a] prime minister. I mean this is crazy,” a protester said.

Netanyahu’s political opponents and demonstrators have moved to capitalize on the indictment on charges relating to corruption, bribery and breach of trust against him, hoping to strip the weakened 70-year-old leader of power.

Netanyahu has vowed to stay in office while he fights the criminal charges, which include bribery, fraud, and breach of trust in one case, and additional fraud and breach of trust charges in another two cases.

Last Saturday, Benny Gantz, the leader of center-left Blue and White political alliance and Netanyahu’s main challenger in the two elections this year, called on the Israeli premier to step down, but still offered to form a coalition administration with his Likud political party if there are any chances.