Dec 02, 2019 13:21 UTC

An Iraqi woman from the Izadi minority, held as a sex slave by Daesh, has confronted her tormentor on Iraqi television, sobbing and demanding an explanation for her suffering before she fainted.

According to Press TV, the 20-year-old Ashwaq Haji Hamid was 14 when Daesh terrorists captured the Izadi ancestral heartland of Sinjar in northern Iraq in August 2014.

The Takfiri invaders went on to slaughter thousands of Izadi men and boys and abduct girls to be used as sex slaves. Hamid was abducted along with her family and taken to Syria. 

“We arrived in Syria at midnight. We were worried and didn’t know what would become of us and whether we would be killed or not,” she said in an interview with Iraqi station al-Iraqiya.

“However, we took some comfort in being together — we would either live together or die together. But then they separated us from one another.

"There, in Syria, the Daesh terrorists separated all the girls above the age of nine from their relatives. We were taken to Mosul. We were 300 or 400 women in Mosul. We stayed there for three days and the Daesh men would come and see us. They would give us to one another as gifts or sell us for cheap.”

Hamid recounted how Daesh member Abu Humam selected her and then pulled her by the hair.

“I did not expect them to rape us because I was only 14. But they restrained us with iron handcuffs and violently raped us,” she said.

Hamid did not conceal her loathing for her tormentor, saying since she was not in a position to punish him, she wanted the government to deliver due justice for those who have suffered like her. 

“Even if I was allowed to kill him, I would not want to get his filth on my hands, but I demand that the government do us right — it’s not just me, because who knows how many Yazidi girls he raped after me.”