Dec 06, 2019 18:04 UTC
  • Israeli forces raid Palestine TV station, arrest crew

Israeli forces have arrested four staff members of a Palestinian TV channel in al-Quds in a move condemned by the Palestinian Presidency.

Israeli forces stormed the place from where a Palestine TV morning show was being broadcast on Friday, arresting the anchor, Dana Abu Shamsiyeh and the cameraman, Amir Abd Rabbu, as well as the guest Mohammed al-Abbasi.

They also seized cameras and broadcast equipment during the raid.

Meanwhile, the Israeli forces arrested Christine Rinawi, a correspondent for the TV channel, and the cameraman Ali Yassin in the area of Bab al-Amud.

They were all taken to al-Maskoubiyeh prison.

The arrests came as the Israeli regime on 20 November issued an order banning all Palestine TV programs and shows in al-Quds.

The arrests were condemned by the Palestinian presidency, which described the move as an attempt by the Israeli regime to impose its control over al-Quds.