Mar 24, 2020 08:41 UTC
  • US, UAE stage joint war games amid coronavirus pandemic

Defying a deadly coronavirus pandemic, thousands of American and Emirati forces have taken part in joint drills simulating the capture of a “model city” in a sprawling Abu Dhabi military base.

The final day of the “Native Fury” exercise was held at al-Hamra Military Base in the United Arab Emirates’ capital on Monday, the Associated Press reported. This was the 20th edition of so-called “training” drills that have been taking place since 2008 on a biannual basis.

As many as 4,000 US troops were assigned to deploy armored vehicles and other equipment from nearby Kuwait and the island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean to the base for the purpose of the drills.

During the exercise, the joint forces raided a mock city set up at the base that comprises multi-story buildings, standalone houses, hotels, an airport control tower, an oil refinery, and a central mosque.

Controlled explosions rang out as Emirati troops rappelled from hovering helicopters and marines searched narrow streets for enemy forces, the AP report said.

The war games came amid the United States’ continued tensions with Iran and its ongoing attempts to seek regional and international consensus against the Islamic Republic.