May 22, 2020 09:58 UTC
  • Turkish forces place militant families in Syria’s Ra’s al-Ayn houses

Turkish forces place militant families in Syria’s Ra’s al-Ayn houses

Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), citing local sources requesting not to be named, reported that Turkish troops brought in more than 20 militant families from the border village of al-Sokkariyeh into the key border town of Ra's al-Ayn on Thursday.

The report added that the Takfiris were onboard three buses and squatted houses in neighborhoods across the town shortly after arrival.

Turkish-backed militants were deployed to northern Syria last October after Turkish military forces launched a long-threatened cross-border invasion in a declared attempt to push the YPG militants away from border areas.

40 US military vehicles enter Syria's Hasakah                     

Separately on Thursday, US forces brought in military reinforcements from Iraq to northeastern Syria.

SANA, quoting unnamed local sources, said a convoy of 40 trucks, carrying logistics and military gears, in addition to nine Humvees and four vehicles carrying telecommunication devices crossed the al-Walid border crossing point between Iraq and Syria, and reached a US base in al-Shaddadi town of Hasakah province.

Russia: Daesh terrorists step up attack in NE Syria amid pandemic

Moreover, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Thursday that Daesh militants have exploited the novel coronavirus pandemic to step up their operations in northeastern Syria.

“We are registering a deterioration of the situation in the areas in northeastern Syria outside the government’s control. Daesh militants decided to take advantage of the coronavirus pandemic. They intensified their incursions,” the diplomat added.

Zakharova noted that the terrorists launched over 20 attacks against Kurdish forces between May 10 and 15 alone, leaving more than 20 people killed and some 40 others wounded as a result.

“Also, we paid attention to the alarming report that seven Daesh terrorists had escaped from the prison at the al-Hawl camp for internally displaced people. All these facts confirm once again that the United States and its allies, which are occupying the area across the Euphrates, do not care about civilians, security and other really important issues,” the Russian diplomat pointed out.