Jun 03, 2020 07:56 UTC
  • Amnesty blasts Israel for plan to uphold travel ban on its activist

Amnesty International decries Zionist regime for what appears to be a plan to uphold a travel ban that the regime has imposed on one of its campaigners, denouncing Tel Aviv’s “complete disregard” for human rights activism.

According to Press TV, the UK-based rights body had protested the ban imposed against Laith Abu Zeyad, its campaigner in the Occupied Territories, at the al-Quds District Court. However, the organization was notified recently by the court that it could now withdraw its bid to challenge the decision.

On Sunday, Heba Morayef, the group’s regional director, said the notification was a sign that the court was very likely to uphold the ban.

The restriction was initially imposed by the Israeli internal spy agency Shin Bet, which had cited “secret information” in its action against the activist.

Morayef said the activist’s lawyers would not be given access to the so-called information, calling this a “clear violation of due process rights.”

“This is a bitter blow for justice and demonstrates Israel’s complete disregard for the importance to promote human rights,” she said.

The court’s support for Shin Bet’s action “demonstrates the Kafkaesque nature of Israeli justice for Palestinians.”

The Israeli regime would similarly trample on all Palestinians right to fundamental due process, including the chance to protest the so-called evidence that is brought against them.

“Palestinians living under occupation are already trapped in a system of control that touches every aspect of their lives and severely limits their movement,” the body noted.

Israel occupied the West Bank, where al-Quds is partly located, during a Western-backed war in 1967.

Ever since, it has been dotting the Palestinian territory with illegal settlements in direct violation of the international law that prohibits construction on Occupied Territory. The regime has also propped up countless checkpoints across the territory that have overly complicated Palestinians’ movement about.