Jul 02, 2020 19:14 UTC
  • Syrian forces in Syria’s Hasakah stop US convoy, force it to return

Syrian forces have block a US military convoy in the country’s northeastern province of Hasakah and forced it to turn back amid seething resentment of locals over the presence of American troops in the region.

Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported that the US convoy was confronted by Syrian troops stationed at al-Dardara bridge as American forces were traveling along the road linking the small town of Tal Tamr to Abu Rasin town on Thursday.

The news agency added that government forces did not allow the US convoy to move ahead, and ordered it to “go back to the base it came from.”

No one was hurt in the confrontation and there was no immediate comment from the US military.

A similar incident took place on June 25, when a US convoy of armored vehicles headed back to its base after residents of Khirbet Bunyan village, which lies in the al-Malikiyah district of the same Syrian province, did not allow it to move and pelted it with stones. There were no reports of injuries.

Two days earlier, local people in Faris Kabir village in the same province had prevented a convoy of US military vehicles from passing through their village, and hurled stones at the foreign soldiers.

The presence of US forces in eastern Syria has particularly irked the civilians, and local residents have on several occasions stopped American military convoys entering the region.

Syria, which has not authorized the presence of the US military in its territory, says Washington is “plundering” the country’s oil.