Jul 10, 2020 17:46 UTC
  •  US convoy forced to move back by Syrian army in Hasakah

A US military convoy has been forced to retreat from an area in Syria’s northeastern province of Hasakah when it was blocked at a checkpoint of the Syrian Army.

“The checkpoint personnel intercepted three armored vehicles of the American occupation in the village of Mansaf Tahtani in the countryside of Tell Tamr (in Hasakah) and forced them to return to their illegal bases,” Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported on Friday.

The convoy was reportedly attempting to bypass the checkpoint.

No clashes were reported in the event.

Hasakah has hosted several scenes of US military convoys being forced to change route or retreat. 

People in Hasakah blocked roads in a show of seething resentment over the presence of American troops in their region.

Late last month, another military convoy was forced to make a u-turn after a group of people blocked its road, preventing it from driving through their community.

Residents of Khirbet Bunyan village, which lies in the Malikiyah district of the province, did not allow it to move and pelted it with stones.