Aug 11, 2020 16:12 UTC
  •  Three Israeli tanks cross border fence to enter Lebanese territory

Three Israeli battle tanks have encroached upon a technical fence that separates Lebanon from the occupied territories amid tensions between the Tel Aviv regime and Hezbollah resistance movement, whose member was martyred in an Israeli airstrike in Syria last month.

Two tanks crossed the so-called Blue Line – the UN-recognized boundary between the Israeli-occupied territories and Lebanon – near Meiss Ej Jabal village in the Marjeyoun district on Tuesday, and were deployed in an area of the southern Lebanese neighborhood of Kroum al-Sharqi, the Arabic-language An-Nahar daily newspaper reported.

The report added that the third tank crossed the border and was positioned on a road just opposite the area.

A phosphorous bomb was later fired by one of the tanks. No injuries were reported.

Tensions have been running high between Israel and Hezbollah since July 20, when Tel Aviv martyred Hezbollah member Ali Kamel Mohsen in an airstrike on Syria.

The Israeli military has placed its forces near the Lebanese and Syrian borders on high alert after Hezbollah promised retaliation.