Sep 17, 2020 11:46 UTC
  • Yemen under attack by Saudi Arabia due to firm anti-Israel stance: Ansarullah

The Ansarullah movement reaffirms Yemen’s firm support for the Palestinian cause, adding that the Saudi-led war on Yemen is in fact the price the Arab nation is paying for taking a firm stance against the Israeli occupation.

Israelis are involved in most of the conflicts plaguing the region, including the Riyadh-led aggression against Yemen, Mohammed Abdul-Salam, Spokesman for the Ansarullah movement, said on Thursday, al-Masirah reported.

The Yemeni people have in fact been under attack by the Saudi regime merely because of taking a proper stance against the Zionist regime, he said.

He further censured the recent US-brokered normalization agreements signed between the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain and Israel.

The agreements were inked on Tuesday at the White House, where US President Donald Trump hosted Zionist entity's head, Benjamin Netanyahu along with Emirati and Bahraini foreign ministers, Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan and Abdullatif bin Rashid Al Zayani.

Abdul-Salam said such normalization deals are nothing new and cannot change anything in reality since the Arab regimes had already provided the Israeli regime with whatever it wished in the course of their long-running clandestine ties.

“It is false and misleading that they are promoting an agreement with the enemy for the sake of ‘peace’ and ‘stability’ in the region at a time when they are fighting wars in the region, most notably the aggression on Yemen, in which they are united with the Zionist enemy,” he said.

Abdul-Salam further reiterated Yemen’s firm stance on supporting the Palestinian cause, rejecting any normalization with the illegal Zionist entity.

The participation of the Arab regimes in the ceremony of “betrayal” only served propaganda purposes for the American and the Israeli enemy, said the Yemeni official in reference to the recent much-publicized signing ceremony at the White House.

The Yemeni official said that Washington’s attempts to broker normalization deals between the Arab governments and Israel were in fact aimed at promoting Trump’s re-election campaign.

Addressing the Arab regimes standing by Israel, the Yemeni official said, “you are today with the Zionist entity and you are now against the Islamic nation and its cause.”