Sep 18, 2020 07:59 UTC
  • Bahrain witnesses 6th straight night of protest at normalization with Israel

Bahrainis rally for a sixth straight night against the ruling regime’s recent normalization with the illegal Zionist entity.

Defying trigger-ready security forces, the protesters took to the streets throughout the Persian Gulf island state on Thursday night, Bahrain's Lulu TV satellite channel reported.

They carried signs that read, “Down with US and Israel” and “No to normalization with the occupying regime” as well as placards that condemned any facilitation of the Israeli regime’s intervention in the Persian Gulf region.

Others carried Palestinian flags, asserting that Manama’s stance towards Tel Aviv and the ongoing favorable coverage of the rapprochement by some media outlets did not serve to represent the Bahraini public’s opinion.

“The protesters say they stand by the Palestinian nation and are against all instances of treachery” targeting them such as acts of normalization with the occupying entity, the channel said.

Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates signed official agreements at the White House on Tuesday enabling full normalization of their relations with the Zionist regime. The deals had been announced by US President Donald Trump respectively earlier in September and last month.

All Palestinian factions, Bahrain’s opposition groups, and numerous independent Muslim circles have roundly denounced the normalization trend as a stab in the back of the Palestinian nation and sheer betrayal of their cause of liberation from the Israeli occupation and aggression.